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HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland is a private educational institute, that offers undergraduate andpostgraduate academic degrees Each semester the Institute has approximately 375 students from more than 35 nationalities to engage its range of programmes. The external quality control of the courses offered at HTMi, is exercised through Swiss, UK and International bodies. For example, in Switzerland this is carried out by theEDUQUA certification.[17] In the UKThe Institute of Hospitality - IOH, formerly known as the HCIMA, requires a quinquennial resubmission of all the Degree and Sub-degree courses. This is subject to a panel-based review by specialists in the field.[18] In addition, the British Accreditation Council also conducts a quinquennial review of the schools provision, via an onsite inspection.[19] HTMi is also a member of the Swiss Private School Register.

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Hotel Campus Mariental Panorama
6174 Soerenberg
Kanton Luzem
central Switzerland


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