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BPP University is one of the UK’s leading Universities dedicated to business and the professions and in 2010 became the winner of the prestigious Education Investor award "Post 16 education provider of the year". BPP University has centres throughout the UK and also in Amsterdam, Holland.
In the 2011-2012 academic year 7,752 students studied with BPP University (5,808 full-time students and 1,944 part-time students). In terms of full-time equivalent (FTE) students we had 6,780 FTE with 1,532 FTE students studying on undergraduate programmes, 4,059 FTE students studying on postgraduate and graduate programmes and 1,107.5 FTE students studying on non-credit bearing programmes (mainly preparing for external professional assessments).
BPP University has its origins in BPP Law School, which was established in 1992 and soon became one of the leading postgraduate Law Schools in the UK. In 2005 BPP Law School established what is now known as BPP University combining BPP's unique history since 1976 of training accountancy and finance specialists throughout Europe with the establishment of BPP Business School under the central regulatory umbrella of BPP University. In 2011 BPP University established BPP School of Health and in 2012, BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies. BPP University comprises of BPP Business SchoolBPP Law SchoolBPP School of Healthand the BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies

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