Cost of Study

The following details give a vague and approximate idea on the cost of studies. They are subject to changes as they may vary according to the program & institutions. To know more details & updates please contact our Overseas Program Advisors. Candidates can avail scholarships depending upon their merits. The cost of study details given below does not include scholarship fee aspect.
CountryAverage Yearly Expenses
 UK (in London) 11,385 GBP
  NZD15,000 NZD
  Australia 18,610 AUD
  Canada10,000 CAD
 Singapore16,500 SGD
 USA13,000 USD
 Ireland 7,000 Euro
 Norway37,000 NOK
 Spain9,600 Euro
 Malaysia15,000 RM
 Germany8,100 Euro
 France8,000 Euro
 China 30,000 RMB
 Bulgaria 17,000 EURO
 Philippines7,200 USD


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